March 29, 2018

Download e-book for iPad: An Illustrated Guide to Modern Sub Hunters by David Miller

By David Miller

Illustrated consultant to trendy Sub Hunters

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Air defence is provided by eight SA-N-9 SAM launchers. Air and surface surveillance radars are also rather limited by previous standards In view of the similarity in dimensions and displacement between this class and the Sovremenny class, which appeared at the same time but are op: for the anti-surface role, it is surprising that the two classes do not share a common hull. This certainly would have been the case for a Western navy, but the political and economic constraints upon the old Soviet Navy were much less severe and they were permitted to optimise the hull form as well.

9in (100mm) guns. class destroyers fc ;• V Nils Juel Class General-Purpose Frigates (Denmark) Three ships Displacement: 1,320 tons full load. Tm). GODOG. 2 General Electric LM-2500 gas turbine, 28,400shp; MTU 20V9S6 TB82 diesel, 4,500bhp each; 2 shafts; 30kts. 8m (20mm) AA guns; depthPropulsion: 1 1 1 charge rack. ASW sensors: (hull-mounted) Plessey Complement: 100 1 PMS-26 sonar. Despite its small size the Royal Danish Navy (RDN) has a long tradition of designing and building its own warships.

2in (30mm) guns; 2 RBU 12000 mortars. 1 1 1 Aircraft: 12 Yak-38 Forger-A; Yak-38 Forger-B; 19 Ka-27 Helix-A; 3 Ka-25 1 Hormone-B. ASW sensors: (Hull-mounted) LF sonar; (VDS) Complement: MF sonar. 1,600 During and after the Second World War a formidable Soviet naval air force was consisting of some 4,000 fighters, bombers and reconnaissance planes. In the Khruschev reorganization this was drastically cut back and its fighters removed, but at no time was there any move back to planning aircraft carriers.

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An Illustrated Guide to Modern Sub Hunters by David Miller

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