March 29, 2018

Courtland D. Perkins, Robert E. Hage's Airplane Performance, Stability and Control PDF

By Courtland D. Perkins, Robert E. Hage

ISBN-10: 047168046X

ISBN-13: 9780471680468

First written in 1949, this can be a vintage textual content in aeronautical engineering. It covers plane functionality in reciprocating engine craft, propeller functionality, in addition to plane balance and regulate. this is often an outstanding booklet for the pro and the intense novice plane maker. it really is written in an easy and straightforward to appreciate demeanour. To get the main out of this publication, readers must have an realizing of differential calculus.

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The other possible powerplant is a rocket, which is beyond the scope of this discussion. 8 covers thrust propelled aircraft. The term turboprops usually refers to gas turbine engines which provide shaft power to drive a propeller for fixed wing aircraft propulsion. Those providing power for a rotary wing aircraft, or helicopter, are referred to as turboshafts. 1 Comparison of propulsion requirements of shaft power and thrust propelled aircraft The equivalent thrust and equivalent SFC of a turboprop may be calculated, allowing first cut comparisons of thrust and shaft power engines for a given application.

During descent the engines are throttled back to a flight idle rating and the aircraft angle of attack reduced. Both these effects reduce lift, and the flight direction is below horizontal. A component of the weight now acts in the direction of travel, supplementing the engine thrust to overcome drag. With zero engine thrust this would be gliding. Turning requires centripetal force, provided by banking the aircraft to point the wings’ lift radially inwards. To support the weight the overall lift must be increased, hence also the thrust as drag thereby increases.

Advantages of a closed, as opposed to open, cycle include the following. No inlet filtration requirements, or blade erosion problems. Reduced turbomachinery size, due to the working fluid being maintained at a high pressure and density. In addition, helium offers a high specific heat. The use of energy sources unsuited to combustion within an open gas turbine cycle, such as nuclear reactors or alternative fuels such as wood and coal. Helium offers a short half life for use in radioactive environments.

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