March 29, 2018

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By C. S. Lewis

ISBN-10: 0061757640

ISBN-13: 9780061757648

The vintage A 12 months with C.S. Lewis is an intimate day by day spouse through C.S. Lewis, an important Christian author of the 20 th century. The day-by-day meditations were culled from Lewis’ celebrated signature classics: Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The nice Divorce, The challenge of discomfort, Miracles, and A Grief saw, as good as from the prestigious works The Weight of Glory and The Abolition of Man. Ruminating on such subject matters because the nature of affection, the life of miracles, overcoming a devastating loss, and gaining knowledge of a profound Christian religion, A 12 months with C.S. Lewis deals unflinchingly sincere perception for every day of the yr.

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30 Memories of Jesus of the creating and redeeming God of Israel. He is not simply calling attention to himself, or producing a persuasive advertisement campaign for his ethical program or political platform. He is putting things back to the way they were supposed to be in the beginning. As R. S. Barbour says: [B]ut if those very words and deeds which brought God’s astonishing grace into the lives of men also corresponded, strangely, with what ordinary men considered to be natural, normal, and right, and in accordance with the true constitution of things, then we have the basis for something less questionable and no less arresting [than mere preexistence].

27: 50 is matched by the ‘noise’ in Ezek. 37: 7 MFƒXÐJE’J. This is a minus in the Greek, but the obvious Greek equivalent for MFƒX would be çøíÞ. 3. Ezekiel’s prophesying is followed by an earthquake in the Greek: ŒÆd Näïf óåØóìüò. Likewise Matthew twice highlights the earth-shaking effect of Jesus’ death: ™ ªB KóåßóŁÅ (v. 51); Näüíôåò ôeí óåØóìeí (v. 54). 4. The opening of the tombs in Matt. 27: 53 (KîåºŁüíôåò KŒ ôHí ìíÅìåßøí ìåôa ôcí ŠªåæóØí ÆPôïF) is an obvious allusion to Ezek. 37: 12 (Näïf Kªg Iíïߪø •ìHí ôa ìíÞìÆôÆ ŒÆd IíÜîø •ìAò KŒ ôHí ìíÅìÜôøí •ìHí).

They could conceivably have entered into the gospel-writing process with a preexisting theology of Wisdom or cosmic mediation they wished to impose on the tradition, such that the stories are selected, arranged, doctored, or even invented to comport with the philosophical presuppositions. But this again begs the fundamental question: Why would all of this have been attached to Jesus in particular? It is vastly preferable to see the creation theology as the flower of meditation on the stories of Jesus’ wonder-working activity.

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A Year with C. S. Lewis by C. S. Lewis

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