March 28, 2018

Download PDF by Shosuke Haraguchi: A Theory of Stress and Accent

By Shosuke Haraguchi

ISBN-10: 9067654272

ISBN-13: 9789067654272

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However, how to handle the "secondary accent" is still a problem that demands careful examination. As far as I can determine, the secondary accent should be tonal in nature. , to any mora. The fact that the secondary accent can be assigned to V2 or N, as well as Vi and V of a ViV2 or VN sequence strongly suggests that the secondary stress is tonal in nature. I thus tentatively propose that what I am calling the secondary accent is specified on one of the morae which occurs to the right of the main stress and that it triggers the following dissimilation rule (in which α is a sequence of morae which incorporates the secondaryaccented mora as the leftmost element, and β is a sequence of morae to the left of the secondary accented mora): (45) Dissimilate a with β The effect of (45) is shown schematically below: (46) a.

C. d. e. (= (3a)) Copy each of the Kana transcripts after itself. *VV (

Nu [ ku(u)thamaaru ] N 'become warm' b. ara(a)tha [ mini ] N 'change' (9a) and (lOa) can be interpreted as second-accented and (9b), and (lOb) as fourth-accented. It is clear that there is no unaccented class nor a third-accented class (nor a fifth-accented class for five syllable verbs). The observations above can be summarized as follows: (11) a. one-syllable verbs: initial-accented and unaccented b. two-syllable verbs: initial-accented, second-accented, and unaccented c. three-syllable verbs: second-accented and third-accented d.

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