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By A. J. Koster

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Homer relates the genealogies of several Trojans and Trojan allies killed in battle, and he mentions that their parentage is unusual: What Is a Nymph? Abarbarevh tevk j ajmuvmoni Boukolivwni. Boukolivwn d j h\n uiJo;" ajgauou' Laomevdonto" presbuvtato" geneh/', skovtion dev eJ geivnato mhvthr: poimaivnwn d j ejp j o[essi mivgh filovthti kai; eujnh'/ hJ d j uJpokusamevnh didumavone geivnato pai'de. (Hom. Il. 20–26) Now Euryalos slaughtered Opheltios and Dresos, and went after Aisepos and Pedasos, whom the naiad nymph Abarbareë once bore to noble Boukolion.

The nymphs, we gather, are sexually promiscuous, for they welcome Hermes and the silens (horse men) alike, and nobody would be surprised if one of them lay with a shepherd and conceived a child. ” This is the first time nymphs are paired with silens, though the connection is logical (silens are minor rustic daimones, or spirits). 1). Aphrodite continues: geinomevnh/sin e[fusan ejpi; cqoni; bwtianeivrh/ kalai; thleqavousai ejn ou[resin uJyhloi'sin. eJsta's j hjlivbatoi, temevnh dev eJ kiklhvskousin 32 greek nymphs ajqanavtwn: ta;" d j ou[ ti brotoi; keivrousi sidhvrw/.

Nymphs expose their children or give them into the keeping of others because they are by nature free of familial responsibilities. Paradoxically, nymphs often act as nurses, but the infants they care for belong to someone else. 2). Dionysos’ divine nurses make an appearance in the Oedipus at Colonus, when the chorus characterizes their sacred grove as a place i{n j oJ Bakciwvta" ajei; Diovnuso" ejmbateuvei qeivai" ajmfipolw'n tiqhvnai". (Soph. OC 680) where the reveler Dionysos ever treads, companion of the goddesses who nursed him.

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