March 29, 2018

A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism (Popular Dictionaries of by Karel Werner PDF

By Karel Werner

ISBN-10: 0700710493

ISBN-13: 9780700710492

A multi-purpose reference paintings which may still turn into an imperative better half for anyone who comes into contact with Hinduism. features a dictionary of Sanskrit and vernacular phrases; a word list of phrases and ideas; and a survey of the old improvement of Hinduism.

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He is depicted with four heads, bearded, and with four arms. His wife is Sarasvati, originally his daughter, and his mount is the goose or swan . He has only two temples dedicated to him in India (in near Ajmere and in Khedbrahmā), and he has a bathing at Bithūr. brahmacarya (‘divine faring’) following a discipline for the sake of the realization of the ultimate goal. g. in the yamas in Patañjali’s systems it may even involve ritual maithuna; also: discipleship or apprenticeship as the first āśrama or stage of life in the ancient Āryan scheme, usually lasting twelve years and spent in the house of the teacher; hence brahmacāri: pupil, disciple, apprentice; one following the life of a spiritual discipline.

Budha the planet Mercury; also the name of a Vedic . caitanya consciousness, intelligence; supreme consciousness. Caitanya (1486–1533) a Bengali ecstatic and representative of bhakti , combined with Sahajiyā elements, and a great devotee of . His full initiation name is . After his years as a wanderer he lived mostly in Puri where he used to lead the singers and dancers accompanying the Jagannātha processions. A sectarian tradition grew in his wake, with a theology steeped in Madhva’s tradition, but popularized in poetry and through Caitanya’s legendary biography, which promoted him to a full incarnation of .

26 A POPULAR DICTIONARY OF HINDUISM āśrama a stage of life; a hermitage or community home (‘ashram’) led by a guru or spiritual teacher. e. a student, disciple or apprentice, (2) or a householder, (3) vānaprastha or a forest dweller, and (4) parivrājaka or , which means a mendicant or homeless wanderer. These stages are largely only theoretical, because seldom followed by most Hindus. aśvamedha horse sacrifice, an elaborate rite which could be performed only by a powerful king who was able to ensure full protection to the sacrificial horse wherever it went while allowed to roam freely for a year, before the ritual sacrifice took place.

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