March 29, 2018

A Guide to Kernel Exploitation: Attacking the Core by Enrico Perla, Massimiliano Oldani PDF

By Enrico Perla, Massimiliano Oldani

ISBN-10: 1597494860

ISBN-13: 9781597494861

The variety of safeguard countermeasures opposed to user-land exploitation is at the upward thrust. due to this, kernel exploitation is changing into even more well known between make the most writers and attackers. fiddling with the center of the working process could be a risky video game: This publication covers the theoretical concepts and techniques had to enhance trustworthy and potent kernel-level exploits and applies them to various working structures (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows). Kernel exploits require either paintings and technological know-how to accomplish. each OS has its quirks and so each take advantage of needs to be molded to completely make the most its objective. This ebook discusses the most well-liked OS families-UNIX derivatives, Mac OS X, and Windows-and the best way to achieve whole keep an eye on over them. thoughts and strategies are offered categorically in order that even if a particularly specified make the most has been patched, the foundational info that you've got learn might help you to jot down a more recent, greater assault or a extra concrete layout and protective structure.

* Covers a number working procedure households - UNIX derivatives, Mac OS X, Windows
* info universal eventualities equivalent to conventional reminiscence corruption (stack overflow, heap overflow, etc.) concerns, logical insects and race conditions
* grants the reader from user-land exploitation to the area of kernel-land (OS) exploits/attacks, with a specific specialise in the stairs that bring about the production of profitable concepts, that allows you to provide to the reader anything greater than only a set of tricks


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With Ionescu, A. 2009. Microsoft Windows Internals, Fifth Edition (Microsoft Press). , and McDougall, R. 2006. Solaris Internals, Second Edition (Prentice Hall PTR). Endnote 1. Solar Designer. Getting around non executable stack (and fix). 10]. a. the Bug Grab Bag) INTRODUCTION Software has bugs. A bug is a malfunction in a program that makes the program produce incorrect results, behave in an undesired way, or simply crash/terminate unexpectedly. 9 version of the Linux Kernel: static int bluez sock create(struct socket *sock, int proto) { if (proto >= BLUEZ MAX PROTO) return EINVAL; […] return bluez proto[proto] >create(sock,proto); } In this code, the parameter proto is checked against a maximum value, to avoid reading past the size of the bluez proto array later, when proto is used as an index inside the array.

7. Balestra F, Branco RR, 2009. 06]. 8. Seacord RC, 2008. The CERT C secure coding standard. Addison Wesley. 9. Starzetz P, 2005. 05]. 10. Starzetz P, 2005. Linux kernel i386 SMP page fault handler privilege escalation, www. 05]. 11. Alexander V, 2005. securityfocus. com/bid/14785. 12. Sun Microsystems. com/app/docs/doc/ 817 6223. 13. Pol J, 2003. 03]. 14. Krahmer S, 2009. html. 45 CHAPTER Stairway to Successful Kernel Exploitation 3 INFORMATION IN THIS CHAPTER • A Look at the Architecture Level • The Execution Step • The Triggering Step • The Information-Gathering Step INTRODUCTION In Chapter 2, we said a bug becomes a security issue as soon as someone figures out how to take advantage of it.

The vulnerability would still be there. In other words, the flaw stays at a higher level; it is incidental to the architecture. 43 44 CHAPTER 2 A Taxonomy of Kernel Vulnerabilities SUMMARY In this chapter, we discussed various different vulnerability classes that may affect an operating system. We took a bottom-up approach, starting with vulnerabilities related to the dereferencing of an uninitialized, trashed, or improperly sanitized pointer. This kind of issue can, and usually does, lead directly to a successful exploitation, as you will see in Chapter 3.

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A Guide to Kernel Exploitation: Attacking the Core by Enrico Perla, Massimiliano Oldani

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