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A Concise Grammar of the Older Runic Inscriptions by Elmer H. Antonsen PDF

By Elmer H. Antonsen

ISBN-10: 3484600527

ISBN-13: 9783484600522

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OInd. Ved. ui>F, Av. vayöi, Lat. vae, Lith. , Gk. OMÖZ' ,woe'. mar-i-z, masc. nom. , y-stem; PG */miir-i-z/, cf. Go. proclaim', wailameri (yo-stem) ,of good repute', OHG OS niäri, OE mire, OIc. famous'; PIE */me~-r-y-s/, cf. Gk. famous', Olr. great'. Transl. ,Wolbubewaz [servant of Ullr] of immaculate repute'. 513; Johannesson no. 69; Noreen no. 75; v. Friesen 18*; Krause 1937, no. 78*; JacobsenMoltke no. 7*; Marstrander 10-7*; Makaev no. 96; Müsset no. 2; Krause 1966, no. 20*; Krause 1971, no.

The distinction may already have broken down, as it has in later dialects (see Smith 1971, 223-41). 3 East and West Germanic. There are no complete sentences in the Corpus. The one EG inscription of more than one word, 97 gutaniö wih hailag, agrees with NwG in having the genitive before the inanim. head and the attribute after. The two WG inscriptions of more than one word have the attribute after the head: 99 andagast lasauwija, but the title before the name: 105 fabe^ iddan. 25 8. 1 Northwest Germanic.

29; Müsset no. 7; Krause 1966, no. 43*; Andersen 1970, 199; Krause 1971, no. 30; Klingenberg 1973, 17-47, 321-415*. 23a. Gallehus gold horn 1. South Jutland, Denmark. D. 41 The figures of the first ring of this so-called runeless horn have recently been equated with runes by Hartner, who arrives at the reading: lupa horns ens helpa hjohjo, interpreted asjDer] Zaubertrank dieses Horns möge [ich] helfen der Gemeinschaft (Sippe)'. Linguistically the reading and interpretation are impossible, although the basic idea that the figures represent a cryptic message seems reasonable enough.

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