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Awash in Oil!

Exxon recently published its annual Outlook for Energy issue, in which it projects trends of the world’s energy supply and demand needs to 2040. It makes for interesting reading. According to Exxon, the world’s population will rise by more than 25 percent from 2010 to 2040, reaching nearly 9 billion. An expanding population, as...

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Sunset to Sunrise: Fundamentals & Trends

Industry consensus is that the increase to United States oil production volume in 2012 will exceed growth in world oil demand for the first time in half a century. The increase in the rate of US production is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The success in development of new natural gas reserves...

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What Goes Around

I have previously commented in The Producer about the cyclic nature of the oil and gas industry. For those of us who have been involved in upstream exploration and development for a decade or more, we’ve become accustomed to the ebb and flow of business activities, and acutely sensitive to clues that may indicate...

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Sunset to Sunrise

My father loved the oil business. He grew up in West Texas during the World War II oil boom and worked his way through college “roughnecking” in the oilfields. Because the derrick crew did the dangerous work out in the weather on the rig floor, my grandfather told Dad to go to college so...

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Familiar Ground

Articles in two recent investment newsletters reminded me once again how volatile the prices of oil and natural gas can be and how many factors are continually in play to move markets, sometimes dramatically.  Price volatility makes investment planning and project analyses difficult, and can create havoc with investment results over both short and...

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Reversal of Fortune

In the last decade, we have experienced a complete reversal of expectations regarding the future of our domestic energy supply. Today we have the potential to materially improve both our geopolitical and economic situation. In the 1970s it was widely believed that U.S. oil and natural gas reserves had been depleted to the point...

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Mezzanine Financing: Portal to Profits

Recently, Arthur, Don and I, along with members of the Five States staff, have been meeting with investor groups throughout the country. We have been explaining the business plan of our capital partnerships and reporting on the ongoing activities and results of our currently active funds. What we have learned as we have committed...

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The universe functions in cycles. Stars are born and die, providing the material for the birth of new stars and planets. Galaxies and solar systems revolve in their cosmic dance. Current theory holds that the universe began with a massive explosion of energy, and will continue to expand for millions of eons, at which...

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