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Texas CEO “Unlocking the Value in Midstream”

The capital needs of midstream oil and gas infrastructure development are often overshadowed by the staggering scale of the shale oil plays emerging across the United States. Over the next 20 years, Deloitte estimates capital spending of $133 to $210 billion for the infrastructure development needed to keep up with new production from the prolific...

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Dallas Morning News “Competing on a world stage”

Modern-day wildcatters in Texas' Eagle Ford and Permian Basin formations are leading a national resurgence in the oil sector by drilling vast shale fields long thought undrillable. What had been an industry in decline domestically is now threatening Saudi Arabia and Russia's dominance as the world's top oil producers. And with new oil shale...

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Texas CEO “Sharpen Up That Pencil”

Mergers and acquisitions are enjoying a rebound. 2012 say a 1-year high, with 204 deals in the oil & gas industry. More than a dozen deals were done last year in the Bakken and Eagle Ford formation. Conditions are ripe for that growth to continue in 2013, with falling prices for oil and natural...

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Oil & Gas Investor “Legends: Chatting with Jim Gibbs”

James A. Gibbs started visiting rigs with his father when he was five or six years old. He’s been involved in the oil and gas business ever since, generating prospects, drilling wells and more recently, funding independent producers and small companies and independent producers.

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